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Newsletter 31 Barend & Diny - Barend en Diny Bloem

Newsletter 31 Barend & Diny

Apeldoorn, April 26th 2018
Dear friends,
A few months have passed since our last trip to Suriname and French Guiana. It is high time to share our latest experiences with you.
Short review
The first weeks I traveled together with my friend Piet van der Wolf. We gave a number of studies in the New Life Church in Albina (see photo) on the subject of marriage and relationships. After Piet’s departure I could continue my Bible studies for another week. It is always nice to experience that people are eager to study God’s Word.
The period after that I spent with Diny. For her it had been three years since her last visit to Suriname /French Guyana. Many people rejoiced in seeing her again! As we were there around Christmas and the New Year we had many wonderful meetings with brothers and sisters. We spent the Christmas holidays
in St.Laurent and Albina while at the turn of the year we were in the interior, visiting the congregations of Nouveau Wacapou and Maripasoula.
We had the opportunity to visit many people. In St.Laurent we had our own place. We moved into the house next to the church (see photo), where Brother Henk Kreuger lived for many years. The house is in need of repair, but the big advantage was that we could meet a lot of people there.
We went to Cayenne for a few days. In addition to the visits we made to friends there, we also had a conversation with the elders of the ECE congregation. They asked us to consider moving back to St.Laurent from mid-2019 on to support the congregation there. By that time the couple will be leaving who for some years now have given themselves to building up the ECE in St.Laurent in a structural way.
There is an ongoing need for a new person to come to support those in the church with a vision for missions. I believe that we must take this very seriously and seek and trust the Lord for His confirmation regarding this issue.
In Paramaribo we stayed with our sister and friend Kows Banwari as we have done before. For many years now she has opened her beautiful house to traveling missionaries. As she is getting older her mobility has started to decrease. And yet, once again we have enjoyed her hospitality as well as all the visits and excursions we did together with her in and around Paramaribo.
Next trip
My next trip is scheduled for June (departure June 5, return July 6). A number of studies will be prepared again to serve various congregations. In addition, we will have to make preparations both in French Guiana and the Netherlands, in case we are going to settle in French Guiana for a longer period of time, from mid-2019 on.
We are very grateful for all your prayers and financial support that have enabled us to continue our work
for the Lord in Suriname and French Guyana.
Proud and grateful
Last week our daughter Gerlinde has given birth to her first child, a son: Xavi. We are now the grateful and proud grandparents of two granddaughters and one grandson.
Barend & Diny