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Additional news related to Henk Kreuger - Barend en Diny Bloem

Additional news related to Henk Kreuger

Apeldoorn, september 21th 2016
Dear friends,
Several times we wrote in our newsletters about brother Henk Kreuger (92j. See photo). Many of our readers know him.
Last week we received news that brother Henk, after a fall at his home, was hospitalized. Afterwards we had daily contact with local brothers and sisters who are visiting him. The messages were such that we had to take into account the imminent passing away of brother Henk.
At the request of the local believers around Henk and consultation, including the mission "Filadelfia Zending", we have decided that I shall travel to French Guiana. I am to depart tomorrow  September 22 for Paramaribo and expect to be on in St.Laurent Friday morning.
We commend brother Henk in your intercession.
Kind regards, on behalf Diny,
Last night we heard that brother Henk was awakened from a coma and regained consciousness. Physical fitness is very weak ....