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Newsletter 25 Barend en Diny - Barend en Diny Bloem

Newsletter 25 Barend en Diny

Apeldoorn, augustus 29th 2016
Dear friends,
It is two and a half months since I returned from my last trip to Suriname and French Guiana. On June 14th I came back, along with our son Henri. Henri accompanied me the last ten days. He went back to his "roots" to see if there was work for him.
A brief review
Apart from many individual believers, I visited nine congregations. Two in Paramaribo, one in Peto Ondro (near Moengo) and one in Albina. The other five were in French Guiana, within 50 km radius of St.Laurent. In some I could only serve ones and in others there was also an opportunity for a serie of studies. I am grateful for the positive development in the church of ECE in St.Laurent where initially I felt much concern. I may still serve the Word in regular services, but the actual care I is no longer my concern.
Although this time I did not visit the interior, I often received message concerning the spiritual warfare, possession, bondage as well as liberation that occurred there.
For many years brother Henk Kreuger visited Mana on Sunday afternoons. Along the 60 km long road he picked up people for the service. Afterwards he drove the people back to their respective villages. Because brother Henk, now 92, is no longer able to do this work and the believers on their own are not managing to organise events, the congregation is now seeking another destination for the building (see photo).
Petrus Pinas
Petrus Pinas is grateful for the regular support he receives from the Netherlands.
Petrus was called by the Lord to work among the many Surinamese who settled in French Guiana. Petrus would prefer to settle in French Guiana, but obtaining a residence permit is not so simple. An annual visa application was submitted so he can carry out his work without difficulty and move freely in French Guiana.
New mission candidates
We came in contact with new missionary candidates who currently orient themselves for service in French Guyana. One young sister explores the possibility to do something for a boarding school in the interior (Maripasoula). She already visited the place twice, and is now studying the language.
The other candidate is a married couple with four children from French-speaking Belgium. Finishing Bible school in a year, probably French Guyana will be open for them as mission field. For both candidates, we can be of service by providing information and sharing our long experience. We pray with them that the Lord reveals which path He wants them to take.
After returning from my trip, Diny and I went for two weeks to France. We visited a few friends as well as fellow colleagues we knew in French Guyana. A missionary couple (Gary & Jeanet Goodge, see photo) from America, now working in Le Provence, we had not met for over twenty years. Obviously there was a lot to share. With thanks to our Lord we looked back on the different paths the Lord went with each of us. We made a few nice trips in the Ardèche and Le Provence.
The second week we were on a "Missionary Retreat" in Chamaloc (Le Drôme). There we enjoyed the surroundings, the meetings (international and intercultural) and especially the daily studies.
Next trip
My next trip is booked from November 24 to December 23th. The first ten days I will be accompanied by a friend, brother and entrepreneur. In the short period that we shall be together I want to show him as many congregations that are working on new church buildings or those in need of repair. Possibly there is a construction project in the offing ...
Thank you for your commitment and intercession.
Barend and Diny
Se photo last trip: 2016-1